DATE: 06.08.2020, 12PM (Bangkok) | 3PM (Sydney) | 5PM (Auckland)

As is well known, 5G technology promises not only faster networks and more efficient use of available radio frequencies, but also a revolution in the way networks are managed and new types of services.

One of the new groups of services is based on the concept of network slicing. This concept is to enable the rapid (even on-demand) creation of logical/virtual networks based on one physical technical infrastructure. From the application's point of view, this is to enable resolution of existing network-building problems that were a compromise between different requirements on the part of the application. However, this technology comes with a price, which is a significant complication of network management.


Can artificial intelligence and machine learning become a solution to this problem?


During this webinar you will learn: 

  • what network slicing really means

  • when it can be applied

  • the role that artificial intelligence and machine learning can play in network slicing

  • how to implement AI and ML to automate network and application management