Webinar: How Telcos can Bring Value to Utilities via IoT Solutions

Join our live webinar on 7th October 2020, at 14:00

DATE OF THE WEBINAR: 07.10.2020, 14:00

The dynamic development of the Internet of Things in global markets and in many innovative and traditional industries is happening before our eyes. The number of devices configured with the IoT is constantly growing. Telecommunication operators see this trend and seek their place in the innovative world of the the IoT. These operators are looking for opportunities to expand their offer addressed to existing customers and to acquire new ones. The common ground for the IoT and telecoms appears to be utilities companies, which can easily be provided with measurable value via innovative IoT solutions such as Smart Metering, the importance of which is growing rapidly. If you want to learn more about how telecommunication operators deliver value to the utilities industry, join our webinar.


Key topics covered during the webinar:

  • How Comarch Smart Metering works, and the system architecture and parameters of the product. We will explain the benefits of this solution and the value it brings. This knowledge will be backed up with real use case examples
  • Telco companies will learn how the IoT and Comarch Smart Metering can bring measurable value to utilities companies

  • Utilities companies will learn how to monitor pipeline infrastructure remotely and detect potential leaks and breakdowns

  • How Comarch Smart Metering reduces maintenance costs, cuts expenses by retrofitting and provides data for optimization

  • How telco operators can use distributed Smart Metering IoT gateways to measure signal penetration and the status of their network


Maciej Kaźmierczak IoT and Services Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

IoT and Services Pre-Sales Technical Consultant responsible for Smart Metering verticals and IoT offering for Utilities. Working in Comarch Technologies for 2 years. Graduated from University of Science and Technologies in Krakow with MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications. Participated in multiple Cisco programs (CCNA, Incubator, etc.). Since always interested in DIY, electronics and telecommunications and continuing this interest in Comarch technologies in IoT field. Active in sailing, skiing and sport shooting.