Smart Metering for Industry - find out how much your production actually costs you

10th December 2020 , 10:00 (GMT +1)

About webinar

Utility consumption is often invisible, considered as a fixed cost on the balance sheet with no prospect of potential savings. This approach leads to a simple estimation without a precise understanding of elements such as  how these costs differ between product lines or the overall efficiency of the equipment.  This challenge doesn’t apply only to traditional utilities consumption, but also in specialized areas, such as the use of technical gases.


The implementation of utilities measurement can eliminate the risk of the dishonesty of suppliers and an unexpected shortage. It can help in production planning and increase the level of safety related to the technical gases, the use of which is strictly regulated.


The answer to these problems is smart metering, which is a modern, accurate and intelligent measurement system. It enables remote, real-time monitoring of utilities usage, as well as communication between meters, suppliers and business customers.


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  • How to check how much it really costs you to produce a batch of goods
  • How to monitor utilities consumption in the most effective and automatic way
  • How to check how much of a given resource has been used, as opposed to what was noted in the system
  • How Smart Metering for Industry works, and its benefits