The electronic production process at IoT Plant based on Smart Metering

2 June 2020, 11:00 (GMT+2)

About webinar

Electronics production can consist of creating equipment, and also on creating something more with the delivery of comprehensive solutions. At IoT Plant, we approach the subject very flexibly and with diverse experience, because we have cooperated with many different industries. Why can an IT company create electronics so well?

If you're interested in:

  • Why IoT Plant is a good alternative to mass production
  • What to do if the product requires an individual approach
  • Why it is easier to adapt to the specific conditions and be flexible for short/medium series manufacturing
  • The specifics of the design and production process at IoT Plant
  • What benefits derive from the process being carried out from beginning to the end in one place, based on the example of Comarch Smart Metering, successfully implemented in Dubai
  • What challenges our specialists encountered while they were working on this device
  • Why treating tests and the production process comprehensively delivers measurable business results

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